TESINC LLC. has been providing high quality engineering and technical services to the telecommunications industry since 1966.

With over 50 years of experience, we have developed an arsenal of effective minds, methods, procedures, and results to make a large impact in the telecommunications industry.

Located in Tampa, Florida, Tesinc LLC has been providing services since 1966. Since then, we have built an efficient model of specific specialized telecommunications services to help our industry. We pride ourselves on effective and efficient project management, field execution, as well as quality, accurate record keeping

Today, we are a proud subsidiary of Dycom Industries, and we have never been stronger in our ability to provide high quality telecommunications services.

Our executive management team with extensive telecommunications industry experience and knowledge take great care in providing concise and clear leadership to provide worry free turn-key solutions to our clients

Project duties are executed by our carefully selected engineers, planners, project managers, and field technicians who take great pride in executing thoughtful processes and solutions providing great telecommunications services.

We provide solutions for our client’s high-quality telecommunication needs including services such as engineering, project management, pole inspections, technical documentation services and everything in-between.

Reasons to choose us

1. Experience

Over half a decade of hands on experience with technical telecom engineering, planning and execution.

2. Equipment

Our state-of-the-art executive and engineering work centers direct field technicians who use the latest and best tools of the trade for optimum quality.

3. Efficiency

Any projects managed by us, utilize our specialized industry renown scheduling and planning tools which result in smoother operation to meet expected timelines.

4. Reliability

With our turn-key management processes, our model of work execution has been refined during our longevity in the telecom industry.

5. Stability

As a subsidiary of Dycom Industries, our footprint in the market is well known. The combination of resources, experiences, and talent guarantees our clients great success.

6. Support

With multiple work centers and personnel around the United States, we are always here for our clients. We can meet any support need within our scope throughout the nation.

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