Turn Key Project Management

Utilize our full resources to see your next telecom project through with quality.

Our industry leading scheduling, and planning methods paired along with talented engineers, project managers and accounting personnel will manage your next telecommunications project with efficiency and quality.

Engineering Design & Drafting

High quality drafting and design services

Our team of talented engineers and drafters can design and draw solutions efficiently and accurately required for your next project.

Permitting Services

Worry free experience permitting management.

Our experienced permit personnel have years of experience knowing what it takes to do the job correctly and get the approvals each and every time.

Utility Pole Inspections

Experienced inspection technicians.

Let us have a look. Safety and proper operation is a high priority of our inspections.

Right of Way Aquisitions

Clear the way for the next project.

Our experienced team will help you gain the pathway to complete the next job.

Site Surveys

Precise location finding is critical.

We can provide professional site surveying techniques to complete the job to ensure perfect execution.

Emergency Services

Always ready when the call is needed.

A nationwide telecommunications firm, Tesinc is managed by experienced professionals at both the corporate and local level. We focus on the specific needs of customers, delivering timely, cost- effective, Outside Plant Emergency Services with proven experience providing support during disaster recovery.